Regione Emilia-Romagna – Public Health Service

The Public Health Department of Emilia-Romagna Region (PH-ER) coordinates and supports programs referring to the prevention of diseases and health promotion. The programs are put in practise locally by the Public Health Departments of the Local Health Units.

The PH-ER is particularly involved in:

  • The prevention of communicable diseases through vaccination and of not-communicable diseases through cancer screening and health promotion for a healthy life style.
  • The occupational safety through health protection and prevention of accidents in work places
  • The surveillance and control of the effects of pollution on health with a particular attention to air quality and waste management

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Referring to the surveillance and control of vector borne diseases, PH-ER has the aim to limit the transmission of endemic diseases – such as Leishmaniasis, Toscana virus Meningitis, and West Nile neuroinvasive disease – to reduce the probability that imported viruses originate outbreak

Main activities in this field are:

  • Systematic entomological surveillance of vectors present in the area and control of focal points at risk for the introduction of new vectors
  • Searching of pathogens in entomological, veterinary and human samples
  • Diffusion of guide lines for muinicipality involved in vector control

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Contact person: Paola Angelini
Address: Viale Aldo Moro 21, 40127 Bologna (BO), Italy
Tel: +39-051-5277024
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