ONEX SA was established at 2004 in Athens. The fields of interest of ONEX involve Aviation, ICT & Security, Nanotechnology and Business Services. The mission of ONEX is to produce sophisticated, “intelligent” systems combining low cost, efficiency, interoperability as well as friendliness to the user and the environment.

The company constantly adopts new technologies, through its R&D department, in order to provide high quality services that meet the changing needs of its customers. Therefore, it employs qualified and experienced research and technical personnel and also cooperates with the most well-known international manufacturers. ONEX has implemented many projects in the fields of ICT and Homeland Security, while it has developed new technologies and applications through its extensive participation in domestic and international research programs.

In the area of ICT and Security, ONEX develops high added-value integrated solutions with special emphasis in the fields of Critical Infrastructure Security, Border Security, Cyber Intelligence & Security, Telecommunications, Content Digitisation, Enterprise Content Management, Data Analytics, Data Integration, Fleet Management.

ONEX SA has a rich portfolio of specific ICT & Security products and solutions involving but not limited to the following:

  • ASPIS C4I Critical Infrastructure Protection System
  • LEONIDAS Border Control System
  • Χ-Ray Screening Systems
  • Human Presence Detection Systems
  • Biometric Identification Systems
  • Hazardous Materials Identification Systems
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband Communications Solutions
  • Industrial Wireless Communications Solutions
  • Secure Satellite Communications Solutions

Contact Person: Fanis Karaiskos
Address: 87, Kon. Palaiologou St., Chalandri, 15232, Greece
Tel.: +30-210-4310218, +30-210-6085648, +30-210-6083465
Web Site: