Mosquitoes on stage to talk about prevention and good practice habits for their control, also inside the private gardens

Roberto Mercadini, nicknamed by the Cesena residents as The Talking Poet has already dedicated some time to mosquitoes in the past years. He put up a show about the topic for divulgating information in elementary and middle schools within the environment and health education project financed by the Assessor of Health and Social Politics section of the Emilia-Romagna region.
In these months , he worked with Claudio Venturelli, an entomologist from AUSL Romagna (Publich Health Unit of Romagna region) on the new theatre show “Questione di Culex” inspired by Venturelli and Marazza’s book, edited by De Agostini in 2014 (and they have given up all their copy-rights for the show). The book has a quite important preface written by Dario Fo, owner of a Nobel prize for literature. Actually, the idea of creating a show about the book’s topics came up at his house. The Master gave a few advices about the setting of the scenes and from that moment on, the project started to have a concrete shape, thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Cesena. Mercadini’s talent of story-telling while having a conversation with Venturelli, will help him reveal mosquitoes’ secrets focusing on the health risks related to this insect. The project’s aim is the sensitization of all the citizens in order to get them to pay more attention and to put into action the necessary measures of prevention for reducing the number of mosquitoes in circulation and the eventual risks for human and animal health.
In this phase, the show is reserved only for the students and is part of the dissemination activities of CEAS (Educational Sustainability Centre). It will all begin on the 15th of March in Aula Magna of Technical Institute of Agriculture “Da Vinci” in Cesena. The show will open the 2016 project “Studenti in rete contro la zanzara tigre” planned for Emilia-Romagna region schools with the prospective of spreading it around. Apart from the three dates in Cesena and Bagno di Romanga, there are more dates expected for the show.
Francesca Lucchi, the Assessor of Environment from the Municipality of Cesena, Camillo Giorgi school director of the Agricultural Institution, Eddy Bisulli and Carmela Matrangolo from Viaterrea, Massimo Moretti and Lucia Garaffoni, the CEAS Cesena section responsibles, were present on the opening date (15th of March).
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Biography Note

Roberto Mercadini was born in Cesena in 1978
Poet, monologue expert, narrator. He wrote and played (interpreted roles) in a few narrative shows:
Fuoco nero su fuoco bianco – a journey into the Jewish Bible,
With the author’s translation from antique Jewish language
Noi siamo il suolo, noi siamo la Terra – monologue for a planatery citizenship,
Show promoted by the Ethical Bank.
He is also an author and interpreter of shows in which he switches from poems to monologues and vice versa, like:
Avevamo un titolo bellissimo, ma lo capivamo solo noi
With Guido Catalano.
Oltre a ciò:

Ha pubblicato un volume di poesie intitolato Madrigali per surfisti estatici (Ponte Vecchio, 2011).
Il 26/12/2015 è stato ospite di Rai 3 nel programma Ambiente Italia.

In addition to those above:
He published a volume of poems titled “Madrigali per surfisti estatici” (Ponte Vecchio, 2001)
On the 26/12/2015 he was hosted on the TV show Ambiente Italia (Environment Italy) on Rai 3 Channel.