Mosquito Alert interactive map


Do you think you’ve just spotted an invasive mosquito or is it already trying to bite you? Think of us before smashing it! We’re awaiting your reports via sending  photos of the mosquito or the mosquito itself. When taking pictures it is important to show  the dorsal side of the mosquito’s thorax (top-view), and also the lateral parts of the legs and thorax/abdomen should be visible (side-view).


The easiest way to send photos is to make a report through the MosquitoAlert smartphone app. Please download the app from App Store or Google Play, it is available in more than 20 languages. Using the app, you can learn how to identify mosquitoes, you can take photos of the observed mosquito specimens, and send them  for further scientific processing. Providing information on nearby possible breeding sites as well as on mosquito bites you receive are also very useful. After each report, you will get feedback on which species the observed mosquito belongs to.


About this app 

Join the world’s largest mosquito surveillance network. Contribute to the study and monitoring of invasive mosquitoes and mosquitoes of epidemiological interest with the Mosquito Alert app. With it you will be able to report mosquito observations, mosquito breeding sites, and keep a record of mosquito bites.

By sharing your observations, you will be providing information that scientists can use in their research to better understand the ecology of mosquitoes, disease transmission, and provide data to improve their management.