According tο MALWEST (http://www.malwest.gr):

Imported: A case the origin of which can de traced to a known malarious area outside the country in which the case was diagnosed

Autochthonous (local): A case acquired by local transmission

  • Indigenous: any case contracted locally without strong evidence of a direct link to an imported case
  • Introduced: a case contracted locally with strong epidemiological evidence linking directly to a known imported case

Induced: A case the origin of which can be traced to a blood transfusion or other form of parenteral inoculation but not to normal transmission by mosquito

According to World Health Organization (WHO- http://www.who.int/ ):

Vector-borne diseases (VBDs):

VBDs are illnesses caused by pathogens and parasites in human populations.


are living organisms that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans.

According to Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (University of Florida,http://mosquito.ifas.ufl.edu/Index.htm):


Larviciding is a general term for killing immature mosquitoes by applying agents, collectively called larvicides, to control mosquito larvae and/or pupae.


Insecticide resistance is defined as the genetic response of a population of mosquitoes that enables some members of that population to survive exposure to a chemical that would prove lethal to a susceptible population