Door to door strategy for Aedes albopictus control

Luciano Donati, Romeo Bellini

Centro Agricoltura Ambiente “G.Nicoli”, Crevalcore (BO)


The first reports of Aedes albopictus in Italy date back to the early ‘90s. Since then, the species has spread on the national territory assuming a leading importance among the species of sanitary importance in our country. The high level of synanthropy with biting activity during daylight hours make the use of open spaces impossible. The most worrying aspect, however, is represented by the health implications that have been confirmed by the epidemics of Chikungunya in Romagna in 2007 and in Lazio and Calabria in 2017.

Unfortunately, experience shows that the operational strategy used so far in Italy cannot guarantee a satisfactory control of Ae. albopictus population below the nuisance and the epidemic risk thresholds. The main reason is the scarce active participation of private subjects with respect to which also the Mayor Ordinance adopted by many public administrations turns out to be a weak tool. Starting from this awareness, we decided to develop a specific strategy for controlling Tiger Mosquito on door-to-door basis, that does not intend to replace the standard control strategy, but integrates into it in order to achieve effective control of the species.