Cooperation of LIFE CONOPS with Piraeus Container Terminal S.A., Athens International Airport S.A. and Attikes Diadromes S.A.

The dispersal of non-native species across the globe has been facilitated by free trade and travel. Some of these species have established in new areas and have seriously affected the environment, local economies and and human health. These species are referred to as invasive ones. As a significant trade centre over centuries, Europe has experienced the introduction and subsequent establishment of more than 11,000 alien species, at least 15 % of which are invasive and detrimental. Out of 1,522 established species in Europe, 1,306 (86%) are insect species, which are undoubtedly the dominant group among non-native terrestrial invertebrates of this category. Several invasive mosquito species (IMS) have been inadvertently introduced into Europe, where they have found favourable environmental and climatic conditions, enhanced by Climate Change, for their establishment. In fact, it is estimated that due to the foreseen Climate Change trends, the IMS problem will be more intense in the nearfuture. Consequently, new sanitary and environmental risks must be faced, including the resurgence of mosquito borne diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile which are currently emerging in different Member States, requiring the adoption and implementation of specialized measures.

The LIFE CONOPS project is pleased to announce its cooperation with three of the major organizations in Greece, the Attikes Diadromes, the Athens International Airport «Eleftherios Venizelos», and the Piraeus Container Terminal S.A. This cooperation aims to investigate the current state of the IMS problem in Greece and in particular deal with the presence, distribution and population dynamics of the IMS.

The continuous monitoring of the populations of IMS at potential points of entry in the Region of Attica aims to prevent the introduction and establishment of those mosquito species and consequently reduce the risk for mosquito-borne diseases.

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